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Hi Everybody!!
belladude wrote in thedoog
I've just joined the NPH fanclub!!YAAAAAY! I've been in awe of him for so long.
I have this dream that someday he'd want to go out with me. I'd love to at least get a snapshot with him, preferably, with him cradling me in his arms! The thought makes me faint.

He's such a hunk! Great body and great looking guy.
You think I would be his type?  

You think he'd find me sexy?

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Yes I am. I am very open about my fantasies and dreams.

I know this community is, in media terms, ancient, but I'd like to point out that Neil Patrick Harris starred as Dr. Horrible in the internet sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If someone here's still alive and active, I'd suggest posting about it. ;)

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