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A brief Note
eccentricemcee wrote in thedoog
Neil was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest today.  I missed it, but he talked about Harold and Kumar, Assassins, and he juggled.  I'm still kicking myself for missing it, but hopefully one of you caught it and can talk about it.  One week until the Assassins CR is released, and 4 days until H&K Go To White Castle.

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AGH! I totally missed it too!
I don't even know when or what channel that is on. Does On Air with Ryan Seacrest ever rerun?

I don't really know. I'm mad, because I have it so I get emails whenever Neil stuff is on tv, and this didn't show up. So we are going to have to watch every Ryan Seacrest episode in order to see it again. We should write the show and request the rerun.

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