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Neil Held Me
eccentricemcee wrote in thedoog

Well, no one has updated this in a while, so I decided to take it upon my self to do it.  Although, it does feel a little awkward because I only joined a few days ago.  Oh well...

I saw Assassins again on Saturday before it closed.  I needed closure, although it just made me want more.  I met Neil again!!! *squeal!*  He held me while taking the picture and talked about stuff that I can't really remember because I was in such ecstasy.  He also reprimanded this other lady because she was letting her cigarette smoke blow into our faces.  That means he cares for us.  Well, I'm sorry for babbling, but I'm still excited.

The OBCR of Assassins is now moved to an August 3rd release.  So now we have to wait an extra week.  But Harold and Kumar comes out on the 30th of July, so we will get our next dosage of Neil soon.

There isn't too much other news with him.  I guess that he is just unemployed now, so he will probably be moving back to LA soon, since he has a house there and everything, although his love-life is in NYC, so hopefully he will get back on Broadway soon.  I think this community should be updated more, so hopefully I am provoking it.

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Another semi-regular poster. We may have ourselves a little community before long.

At any rate, welcome. Lovely picture and thanks for the update on the OBCR(RCR) release date.


I was at the evening show that same day. Neil was so nice and patient with us because my camera just would not work to save my life, but finally it did. He was wearing the same shirt with the naked man on it! I'm so glad to see his fans joining together. I'm working on getting a tape of him as Marc in "Rent". If I can, I'll try to post some of the songs on my LJ when it arrives.

How did he hold you? I would love to know? did he lift you in his arms for picture? If so, I'd love to be the next.

You're lucky. Do you think NPH would find me sexy?

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